NZE Certified Membership

Membership in NZE Certified is a means for designers, HVAC and Solar Contractors, Title 24 consultants, engineers and others to receive exposure as a company involved and conversant with Net Zero Energy. Members must receive a NZE Certified presentation and be capable and willing to explain the program accurately. As Members will be listed on the NZE Certified web site, potential clients can find companies for involvement in a project or as a collaborator on a given Net Zero Project.

Benefits: Members receive the NZE Certified Newsletter to keep abreast of NZE developments and case studies. Members may use the NZE Certified logo in advertising and have access to truck decals, stickers and even yard signs.

Costs: Membership dues are due annually according to the schedule below:

$800 Manufacturers ($1-5 million)

$500 Manufacturers ($1 million)

$350 Distributors

$200 Contractors

$150 Specifying Consultants: Architects, Engineers, Energy Consultants

$100 Individuals